Saints to make Puel Decision

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Claude Puel’s position at Southampton is precarious, at the back end of last season he seemed to loose the support of the Saints faithful. Coming under fire for negative tactics, questionable substitutions, results, performances and repetitive post match interviews. With no goals in their final 5 home games you can see why the supporters have lost confidence in the Frenchman.

It is always a difficult decision to sack a head coach, there are so many what if’s, are you making the right decision for the club? Who is available to replace them? In Puel’s case Southampton are in difficult situation, Stuck in limbo. The majority of fans are firmly against the idea of the Frenchman getting a second crack at the whip this coming season but a finishing position of 8th and a first major Cup Final since 2003 suggest there is a solid foundation to build on and that their could be more to come. There are also an abundance of top coaches currently available.

From the outside ousting Puel as manager would seem harsh, but those close to the club would firmly disagree. Southampton fans have grown accustomed to a certain style, a particular way of playing the game. Quick tempo, high pressing, counter attacking football, something that Puel hasn’t bought into.

There have been an abundance of rumours about an unsettled dressing room, player fallouts and training ground disagreements. All of which pose the question, does Claude still have the support of the players and staff at the club?

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No matter what your opinion, whether you are Puel in or out, one thing is for sure, no decision is a bad decision. It has been almost 3 weeks since the season came to a close, with the Transfer Window in full swing and Pre-Season fast approaching the club needs to make a decision. Stand by their man or remove and replace.

Saints legend Matt Le Tissier speaking to the Southern Daily Echo:

“You wouldn’t want it to rumble on for too much longer, There needs to be a decision one way or another because you have to start preparing for pre-season. If it does mean there’s going to be a change, a new manager is going to need time to assess the squad and see what areas need strengthening. You also have to take into account if there are any bids for the players, and if they’re decent enough bids to warrant people to leave. There’s all that that goes on, so you’d have thought a decision sooner rather than later would be better for the club.”

There is no doubt that Saints fans think highly of Puel on a personal level, he is intelligent and polite. It seems disrespectful that the Saints are currently looking at potential replacements for the 55yr old Frenchman. It is one thing having a list but another to be talking to possible alternatives.

With this in mind, expect an announcement soon.

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